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Ability Fix helps you empower others.

Whether you are a full-time caregiver or are offering a little added support, your loved one is going through a challenging time and is gradually losing their sense of independence. By using Ability Fix, you can help your loved one feel able once again.

Caregiver Access.
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Caregiver Access provides you variety of tools that will help the person under your care. With free Caregiver access, you can:

Create Workouts

With Caregiver Access, you can choose from premade workouts, or create custom workouts. If your loved one is recovering from injury, surgery, or has limited mobility, you can filter out any exercises that include movements that might be too difficult, or potentially harmful.


Sharing workouts is as easy as sending a link. Exercises can be shared via text message, email, or your favorite messaging platform.

Track Progress

Get involved with your loved one’s wellness. Few people flourish without support, and by tracking the progress, you will be able to check in, offer encouragement and a bit of friendly accountability in a way that works for the person you are helping.

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Offer drug free relief.

One of the most challenging parts of caring for someone is seeing in pain. On top of that, many are on a host of medications which typically do not offer adequate relief. With Ability Fix, your loved one will be able to work out anytime, in any pool and experience alleviation from the disempowering pain that they feel regularly.

In addition to our aquatic exercises, we offer Ai Chi, which is a water-based practice that was developed from Tai Chi and Qi-Gong. It has been clinically proven to reduce pain.

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A safer way to get fit.

Aquatic exercise is a much safer way to get fit. Most land-based exercises will not be suitable for the person you are caring for. Every exercise has been designed by one of our certified aquatic trainers, and there is no need to adapt to modified movements, which often results in injury.

One common concern with aquatic exercise is the possibility of losing balance and falling. The buoyancy that water provides reduces imbalance; however, if the person in your care is working out on their own, it is ideal to use a floatation device for added safety. Our aquatic fitness app includes recommendations on the best safety and exercise equipment, which can be viewed and even purchased right within the app for convenience.

More efficient workouts.

Many people who are challenged to the point of needing care, consider light activities to be “exercise.” While walking to the mailbox, working in the garden, or taking a dip in the pool is better than no movement at all, you know that they need more.

When you help your loved one get started with Ability Fix, you’ll know that they are getting more physical benefits than what a walk around the block can provide.

Your loved one will not only feel refreshed and capable when using Ability Fix; the nature of water exercise will give them twice the benefit for every movement in less time.

It’s easy to use,
so your loved one
will actually use it.

Ability Fix works just like a playlist in a music player, and the additional features are as easy to use as your favorite social media platform.

Ability Fix has been designed with all types of ability limitations in mind. Some persons in care might require a little more assistance than others. If this is the case for you, you can simultaneously listen along to the workouts to guide your loved one through the exercises.* If this type of assistance isn’t needed, then you can sit back and get some well-deserved rest while your loved one improves their health.

*IOS requires a Bluetooth Splitter to use two wireless headphones/speakers simultaneously.

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Audio & Video Instructions.

Video instructions make it easy to learn the proper techniques. Every exercise includes a 1-minute instructional video showing you every aspect you need to know to do it right.

All exercises have both audio and visual easy-to-understand guidance that are carefully worded to provide you clear cues throughout your workout.

You can even play any music background you like, while still listening to the audio portion.

Cast, or stream to any device.

Ability Fix works with any device, including laptops, tablets, cell phones, Smart TVs, casting, and Bluetooth devices.

A laptop set up near your pool will allow you to watch as well as listen.

A mobile device within 30 feet will allow you to listen to your workout via waterproof Bluetooth headset. Got a TV near your pool? - Cast from your cell phone.

Download your workout for uninterrupted viewing if wi-fi is slow or unavailable.

Not the right level for you?

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Very light to moderately light intensity for those who are challenged by balance, mobility, and strength.

Moderately to intense workouts for those with few or no physical limitations.

Very intense workouts for those who are fit and capable of vigorous exercise.

Additional Features

In addition to customizable workouts, Ability Fix offers a variety of features to keep you on track!

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