Water Aerobics Classes and Exercises Online

Aquatic workouts for your needs

Ability Fix provides an accessible way to empower you to get fit regardless of your current physical ability level. Using any body of water, you will be guided through easy-to-understand aquatic exercises that will incrementally improve your balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio with less pain.

The forgiving water environment is fun, effective, and you can make it as challenging as you’d like!

Ability Fix makes aquatic exercise efffective & easy

The unique properties of water enable your body and heart to work more efficiently. With Ability Fix, you can benefit from the effectiveness of aquatic exercise anytime and anywhere.

All exercises are categorized for your ability level and are designed to accommodate all types of impairments, if you have any. You can select from predefined workouts or customize your own routine based on a variety of criteria. Then, go into a pool and listen to the entire workout through speakers or waterproof Bluetooth headphones, just as if you were being taught live by a professional aquatic instructor.

Aquatic fitness is more efficient

Simply put, aquatic exercise effectively works muscles concentrically. This means that you engage both sides of the muscle with each movement, giving you the most effective workout possible.

Whether you are limited in mobility or are an athlete, you understand running, lifting weights, and other high impact activities might not be the best choice for you at this time. By using our aquatics fitness app, you can be sure you’ll get the exact, proper movements with no need to modify.

With Ability Fix, you’ll experience faster recovery, pain relief, and a more efficient workout. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Fitness for ANY ability

If you’re struggling with limited range of motion, injury, surgery, or obesity, most land-based fitness options will include exercises that are not suitable for you.

Many aquatic fitness classes are designed to accommodate an “average person,” and you may find the workouts to be too difficult, too easy, or not appropriate for your mobility needs.

Ability Fix gives you 5 distinct levels of aquatic workouts and exercises that meet your specific ability level.

Choose the ability level that's right for you.

The app’s ability checker will help you select the best exercises based on your mobility and fitness level. Try it now to find out more about what workout level is right for you!

For Caretakers.

If you’re looking for a solution for someone you care about or are a healthcare professional who wants to help your clients, Ability Fix has a unique solution for that too.

I am challenged in balance, mobility and strength.
I am often challenged in mobility and strength.
I am occasionally challenged in mobility and strength, but can make it through the day
I have minimal or no challenges with mobility and I’m relatively fit.
I am fit and capable of vigorous exercise.

Community sharing is built in.

Share your workout progress with your friends, family, therapist, or fitness trainer for that added level of social sharing. Your workout program playlists can be imported and shared with others.

Supportive Community Forums

With our water fitness app, you have access to an online community of fitness experts, members, and more to answer all your questions and share your success! Try it now.

Additional Features

In addition to customizable workouts, Ability Fix offers a variety of features to keep you on track!

Exercises designed by expert trainers.

Professionally created workouts.

Our professional certified trainers have broken down every exercise to engage its core targeted muscle groups within each ability level. This ensures that anyone can find exercises to put into their workouts that meet their specific needs.

Each of the app’s pre-planned workouts is specifically designed to provide balance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular conditioning, and flexibility. The individual exercises target all major muscle groups to ensure muscle balance, so you get a complete workout.

Reduce risk of injury.

All exercises are presented in a customized filtered format to avoid injuring or re-injuring a weak or fragile muscle group or joint.

We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Our videos and detailed audio instructions will guide you through clear and easy-to-follow cues to ensure you know exactly what to do and when. Every workout will be just like having one of our trainers in the pool right by your side.

Meet Your Certified Trainers

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