Water Aerobics Classes and Swimming Pool Exercises

Feel strong, confident, and more in control.

Level 1 and 2 workouts are light intensity workouts that are perfect for you if you are challenged, to a greater or lesser degree, in balance, mobility, and strength.

These gentle swimming pool exercises are effective exercise movements that are conducted at a slow to moderate pace. They are designed to increase mobility and improve your balance and strength.

Now is the time to improve your quality of life.

You know it’s time to do something about your overall fitness. You will find the aquatic exercises used in our app are similar to the ones you have done at your physical therapy appointments and have likely been recommended by your doctor. Now, you can benefit from continuing a fitness maintenance program at a fraction of the cost.

Doing a regular fitness routine is the best step to having better balance, more mobility, and greater range of motion in your movements. Take advantage of the professional guidance the best water fitness exercise app has to offer today.

Maintain your independence with less pain.

Your independence is directly proportional to your physical ability to do your daily activities of life. Maintain your independence by doing a fitness maintenance program that specifically addresses your mobility challenges and reduces your pain level. Don’t allow this pain and the degradation of your fitness level cause you to lose your quality of life.

We offer Ai Chi, which is a proven aquatic exercise program, that addresses many painful conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and can improve upon virtually any condition that is causing you to experience a lack of mobility and balance issues. Ai Chi movements are specifically designed to improve range of motion, reduce joint stiffness, and improve balance in a mindful way.

Whether it’s your favorite activity or simple everyday tasks, you will be able to enjoy everything in life more by using this app to maintain your health.

Learn more about drug free pain relief.

Experience you can trust

By this time, you’ve probably tried many other options and are still looking for a better way to improve your quality of life.

We deliver aquatic fitness to people just like you every day, which is why we created this app in the first place. The idea of Ability Fix all started after years of running Paradise, our dedicated aquatics facility. Daily, we worked with people just like you and saw the difficulties that they faced and the progress they made through our workouts. The results were so significant that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We decided the best way to share our successes to as many people as possible was to create an app. It enables everyone to get the same fantastic results as our regular local clients have achieved.

The Ability Fix app is designed to walk you through you the same one-on-one coaching experience that we offer our in-person clients in any indoor or outdoor pool.

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Audio & Video

Video instructions make it easy to learn the proper techniques. Every exercise includes a 1-minute instructional video showing you every aspect you need to know to do it right.

All exercises have both audio and visual easy-to-understand guidance that are carefully worded to provide you clear cues throughout your workout.

You can even play any music background you like, while still listening to the audio portion.


Cast, or stream
to any device.

Ability Fix works with any device, including laptops, tablets, cell phones, Smart TVs, casting, and Bluetooth devices.

A laptop set up near your pool will allow you to watch as well as listen.

A mobile device within 30 feet will allow you to listen to your workout via waterproof Bluetooth headset. Got a TV near your pool? - Cast from your cell phone.

Download your workout for uninterrupted viewing if wi-fi is slow or unavailable.


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In Addition to customizable workouts. Ability Fix offers a variety of features to keep you on track!


Share your workouts with your friends, family or even you Trainers


Fuel your ambition by setting and acheiving your goals right within the app.

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Stay on top of your workouts with scheduled remainders.


Listen to your favorite tunes while following a professionally guided audio workout.

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