Just Completed a Medical Exercise Program? Here’s How to Stay Fit

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Anonymous Posted on May 06, 2020 07:34 PM


Anyone who has been through a Medically Supervised Exercise Program will likely tell you that they achieved great success while they were in the program. Physical Therapy and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation are two common examples of these programs. Patients are ofter referred to them after sustaining a serious injury, undergoing surgery or addressing a chronic condition where their functional capacity is severely diminished. The most common issue with these programs is patient compliance with home exercise and continuation of exercise plans once program is completed.


As a health practitioner, it’s extremely frustrating to see your patient’s make large improvements in their health and then see their gains erased due to lack of compliance with their continuing exercise plans. This ofter happens because people need reinforcement to encourage them to continue. Often people benefit greatly from the community and social aspect of Physical Therapy and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. An easy solution to ensure continued success after completion of either of these programs is to encourage patients to join a group fitness class comprised of individuals who have gone through similar experiences. Some local hospitals and community centers offer programs that are specifically designed for people with these types of health issues. Health practitioners should be aware of these programs and encourage their patients to join them several weeks before their treatment has concluded to ensure a smooth transition to exercising on their own.


For more tech savvy patients, health practitioners should encourage continuing exercise plans through apps and web-based programs that have robust social communities. Strava is an example of a running and cycling based app that has an excellent social sharing platform. Recreational athletes have the ability to follow, challenge and encourage one another which directly leads to increased compliance. Ability Fix is another great example of an application that encourages social interaction and sharing for aquatic exercisers. They also offer a robust video library where you can learn aquatic exercises specifically tailored to each users ability and fitness level. Modern day health practitioners have a responsibility to leverage these types of technologies to encourage their patients to continue with their exercise programs.


If you're a patient in a Medical Exercise Program be sure that you inquire about local recourses prior to ending treatment. Also don’t be afraid to ask about apps, websites and other technology based solutions that encourage a variety of exercises. Remember, you worked hard to achieve all of your health improvements and you need to leverage every resource you can to keep them.


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